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Steel Force in Oman

As part of our Vision 2030 journey and with the support of a really good team, We have started our operations in Oman. Our first store is Open in Oman and focused on Exclusive Stainless Steel and Building Materials sales and also taking project-based orders in Oman.

Store Inauguration was done by Mr. Moosa VC, Father of Chairman Mr. Sameer Mullapuram who is the Inspiration and a guide to all our Steel Force Family. With his blessings and also accompanied by Steel Force Staff and partners from all around the World, we start a new Journey.

We look forward to supporting Oman in its Vision 2040 and helping Oman in reaching their goals. Steel Force has plans to Invest more in Oman operations as part of our Vision 2030.

Our current operations are focused in Maabilah region, our first stainless steel store is open in 7th street Al Maabila focused on Stainless Steel, tools and Hardware. Our next Store is coming up in 8th Street which will be for Mild Steel. We believe in Omans Vision and Steel Force will support the dreams of Omanis and as well create jobs and trade in the Oman Economy.

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